Navigating School

Students get to know the physical spaces and people in their school. They explore their role in school and how they can help to make school a great place for everyone.


What does it mean to navigate school?

Students unpack what it means to navigate school physically and socially by exploring their school's locations, activities, and behavioral norms. They explore basic mapping skills and work with peers to begin a concept map of their school.

Who is here to help me?

Students investigate and show appreciation for school helpers. After drafting and critiquing interview questions, students interview with school helper, then create a claim about the importance of the job the helper performs.

How can I help others?

Students learn the importance of rules and norms in a community, and the role that kindness plays in making school a happy and productive place. They use their learning to make a claim about how they can help make school a great place.

How can I be a problem solver?

Students investigate common problems that arise at school, analyzing the possible causes, and brainstorming ways to solve them. They begin to strategize about how they can become upstanders and problem solvers within their school community.