Natural Resources of the US

Students examine the resources and interdependence of the regions of the United States and explore ways they can work together to promote sustainability.


How is each region of the US unique?

Students are introduced to the five regions of the country. They use variety of different sources, including map images, texts, and photographs to investigate each region’s unique geography, natural resources, and agricultural products.

How can we use natural resources responsibly?

Students investigate natural resources, distinguishing between renewable and non-renewable forms. They create an argument for the responsible use of a resource, designing Mini-Posters to support their position.

What happens if the pillars of sustainability are stressed?

Students investigate contemporary and historical case studies in which the three pillars of sustainability are stressed. They learn about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and think critically about the sources they encounter in the examination.

What actions support sustainability?

Students analyze case studies of cities, individuals, and industries to promote sustainability. They investigate the practices that individuals, communities, and industries can take to promote the sustainable use of resources.

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