Native America

Students explore diverse historical sources to form a deeper understanding of the rich and varied cultures and histories of our country’s Native American peoples.


What was life like for historical Native American cultures?

Students examine Native American life in California, the Northwest Coast, Great Basin, Plains, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Plateau, and Arctic and Subarctic. They conduct research on cultural characteristics and use of natural resources.

What can stories teach us about people and cultures?

Students explore and analyze a variety of Native American stories to identify and collect evidence about people, places, and the past. They draw conclusions about the importance of storytelling as a way to transmit history and culture.

How can artifacts teach us about the past?

Students learn about the importance of artifacts in the study of history. They conduct an artifact analysis, in which they describe, analyze, and sketch an artifact to identify features that provide clues about the people who used it.

Can we know the whole story behind an historical event?

Students critically examine the event known as the “first Thanksgiving,” by exploring a variety of primary and secondary sources. They reflect upon the importance of having multiple perspectives when understanding an historical event.