Meeting Needs and Wants

Students design a collaborative community model to help them discover how community members work together to meet needs and wants.


Why can’t I have everything I want?

Students explore economic concepts: wants and needs, saving and spending, earning and giving. They practice working within a budget and consider how scarcity influences people's decision-making about how to spend, save, and give money.

How do community producers meet our needs and wants?

Students explore how different producers meet community needs and wants. They act as community producers, imagining the good or service they'll provide, what they'll need to provide it, and how supply and demand will affect their choices.

How do we make tough choices when spending money?

Students act as consumers, evaluating goods and services in their community model and playing a game that illustrates how to spend money and respond to unexpected events. Using what they've learned, students create spending advice to share with others.

How does a community meet our collective needs?

Students investigate the ways communities work together to meet shared needs. They explore services the government provides, as well as ways individuals can help improve the community. They brainstorm local needs they would like to address.