Global Connections

Students explore their connections to distant places and the people who live there by the items that have been harvested, manufactured, and produced around the world.


What stories do maps tell?

Students learn how maps are used to identify location, direction, and distance. They solve riddles about relative location, explore how latitude and longitude are used, and examine the key details and geographic features of the continents.

How is culture shaped by geography?

How does where you live impact how you live? Students analyze maps, photos, and texts to identify important characteristics of a country, and then write a Travel Plan that reflects what they've learned about how geography shapes culture.

How are we connected through what we produce and consume?

Students explore the concepts of specialization and interdependence, discovering why some things are produced close to home yet others come from far away. They trace the journey from raw material to final product for several common items.

How am I part of a global community?

Students explore how globalization and cultural diffusion spread ideas, goods, and culture in a connected world. They examine how they are part of a global community, gaining an understanding of the importance of being a global citizen.