Families Near and Far

Students build an understanding of family that is inclusive, identifying family roles and responsibilities and exploring what makes their family unique.


How are families similar and different?

Students explore the different ways there are to be a family. They compare and contrast to find common ground and identify what makes their families unique, then create artifacts that celebrate how their families are special.

Why are traditions important?

Students explore a variety of family traditions, and then develop an inclusive definition of “tradition." They reflect upon and appreciate their own unique family traditions and explore how traditions connect us to family, both past and present.

How can family members care for one another?

Students explore the different responsibilities and roles family members can have, reflecting upon their own unique family roles and responsibilities. They examine how family members can work together to meet each other's needs and wants.

How does our diversity strengthen our community?

Students explore the concept of diversity and the value of living in diverse communities. They investigate how families with different structures, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds can work together to make their communities stronger.