Ancient Mesopotamia

Students explore the complications of defining "civilization" by examining early Mesopotamian society, identifying its characteristics, and comparing it to the modern world.


What conditions are necessary for settled society?

Students investigate the geography of Mesopotamia and its effect on the rise of agriculture, which is considered a contributing factor in the development of civilization. They are introduced to drawing evidence-based conclusions.

How does innovation drive civilization?

Students learn how agriculture was a key factor leading to the rise of cities and complex populations. They explore a variety of sources to investigate characteristics of Mesopotamian civilization and draw evidence-based conclusions.

Is social structure necessary?

Students explore social structures, one of the defining characteristics of civilization. They use argumentative texts to examine Mesopotamia's social hierarchy and the rights, responsibilities, and ways of life connected to social roles.

What is the power of the written word?

The first-known writing system developed in Mesopotamia. Students explore why writing developed there, its purpose, and the impact of various types of writing. Using their learning, they construct an argument about the power of writing.