Theme Library

Themes include a set of four Essential Questions - each with a connected series of lessons -  that can guide students through an extended inquiry.


Grades K-1

Students get to know the physical spaces and people in their school. They explore their role in school and how they can help to make school a great place for everyone.

Grades 3-5

Students explore their connections to distant places and the people who live there by the items that have been harvested, manufactured, and produced around the world.

Grades 3-5

Students explore diverse historical sources to form a deeper understanding of the rich and varied cultures and histories of our country’s Native American peoples.

Grades 1-2

Students build an understanding of family that is inclusive, identifying family roles and responsibilities and exploring what makes their family unique.

Grades 3-5

Students examine the resources and interdependence of the regions of the United States and explore ways they can work together to promote sustainability.

Grades 1-2

Students design a collaborative community model to help them discover how community members work together to meet needs and wants.

Grades 6-8

Students explore the complications of defining "civilization" by examining early Mesopotamian society, identifying its characteristics, and comparing it to the modern world.