Helpers in the School

Who are the helpers in the school? Students read a nonfiction text about school helpers to launch an investigation of the helpers in their own school. Students begin to practice recognizing and forming questions in preparation for creating interview questions in the next lesson that will help them to learn more about the people in these roles, and the work that they do to make the school a great place.


Who Am I? Name that School Helper

Students read an informational text related to the job responsibilities, locations, and tools of school helpers. They solve riddles to identify the individuals who do important work within the school, then show appreciation by making a trading card reflecting this worker’s contributions.


Interviewing a School Helper (Part 1 of 2)

Students prepare to interview a school helper by doing a Question Sort activity that teaches them to identify questions that can help gather more information. They work in groups to formulate interview questions that will help them learn more about a school helper, their job, and how their work helps make school a great place. Select this lesson to give students experience with generating open-ended questions that yield useful information.


Interviewing a School Helper (Part 2 of 2)

Students conduct a whole-class interview of a school helper to learn about that person's role and its importance to the community. Each student asks a question and evaluates the response, determining if a follow-up is needed.


Appreciating School Helpers (Checkpoint Assessment)

Through this Essential Question, students have explored and appreciated the people who help them at school. This final lesson may be used as a checkpoint assessment of cumulative learning throughout this Essential Question. Here, students reflect on the work of school helpers and how their contributions help to make school a great place. They write a claim that demonstrates the value of a school helper’s work by showing what the school might be like if they didn’t have someone doing this job.


Appreciating School Helpers (Digging Deeper)

Students learn the purpose and format of friendly letters, working in small groups to assemble the parts (greeting, body, and closing) into a sample letter. Use this extension to create a friendly letter to a school helper that features the claims from the previous “Appreciating School Helpers” lesson.


Navigating School

Essential Question

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Who is here to help me?

Students investigate and show appreciation for school helpers. After drafting and critiquing interview questions, students interview with school helper, then create a claim about the importance of the job the helper performs.