Map Scavenger Hunt

Students use a variety of different map images to investigate geography and explain relationships between the locations of places and their environmental characteristics. They review basic mapping skills and vocabulary while working in teams to complete a mapping scavenger hunt.

Region Investigation

What defines a region of the United States? Students investigate a region by examining a variety of sources: text, photographs, and maps. They gather and synthesize information about geography, environment, natural resources, agricultural products, and urban centers in order to draw conclusions about their region.

Exploring Major Cities in the US

Students virtually explore a major city in one of the five regions of the United States. Through a structured online investigation, they create a “Scrapbook Page” representing their virtual visit in which they document special locations and unique features of that city. Students present their findings, providing all classmates with exposure to a variety of cities around the country. Select this lesson to give students the opportunity to conduct online research and practice critical thinking skills.

Get Outside! Visiting Our National Parks

Each of the five regions of the United States has its own unique, natural beauty. Students investigate a national park and design a travel brochure. They explore the purpose of national parks and how people can enjoy them. Select this lesson to give students the opportunity to conduct online research and practice the critical thinking skills needed for that task. Partner access to technology is needed for this lesson.

Reflecting on the Regions of the US (Checkpoint Assessment)

Through this Essential Question, students have explored different regions of the US. This final lesson may be used as a checkpoint assessment of cumulative learning throughout this Essential Question. Here, students complete a quick assessment to check for understanding, then collaborate to revisit key information about the five regions of the United States. They review their region’s natural resources, climate, geography, agriculture, and major cities, then present their findings as “region specialists” to classmates.

Natural Resources of the US

Essential Question

How is each region of the US unique?

Students are introduced to the five regions of the country. They use variety of different sources, including map images, texts, and photographs to investigate each region’s unique geography, natural resources, and agricultural products.


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