Improving Communities

Students explore the connected nature of key economic concepts while reading Look Where We Live! by Scot Ritchie. They identify evidence of key economic concepts within the text or illustrations of the book. Then, students begin to brainstorm local needs they would like to address.


Supporting Community Causes

Students explore a variety of ways to meet a community's needs or wants. They gain inspiration by watching a video about young people taking action, then use a “Yes, and…” protocol to generate ideas to meet a community want or need.


Forming an Action Plan (Checkpoint Assessment)

Through this Essential Question, students have learned how individuals and communities can work to meet their collective needs. This final lesson may be used as a checkpoint assessment of cumulative learning throughout this Essential Question. Here, students select a single want or need and develop an Action Plan that could guide them to address that want or need.


Meeting Needs and Wants

Image by Markus Spiske

Essential Question

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How does a community meet our collective needs?

Students investigate the ways communities work together to meet shared needs. They explore services the government provides, as well as ways individuals can help improve the community. They brainstorm local needs they would like to address.