Exploring Roles and Responsibilities

Students explore the important roles and responsibilities that family members have, and discover how these can differ among families. They also share a personal responsibility, and identify similarities and differences between responsibilities. Students learn and practice new vocabulary words in order to facilitate discussion and answer questions about the text.


Defining Family Needs and Wants

Students work to define the terms “needs” and “wants,” then apply them to family dynamics. Through reading, students learn how to make the distinction between needs and wants, and identify this distinction through visual representation. They develop and demonstrate their understanding through a guided activity.


Roles Changing over Time

Students explore how family roles and responsibilities evolve over time by reading the book Growing Up with Tamales by Gwendolyn Zepeda. They also reflect on and discuss their own changing roles and responsibilities at home.


Roles Changing over Time (Digging Deeper)

Students dig deeper into the book Growing Up with Tamales by Gwendolyn Zepeda to examine a sequence of events in two different ways. First, students note how the character’s tamale-making skills grow with each passing age. Then, students re-examine the information about tamale making to consider the procedural steps for making a tamale.


Helping Out at Home (Checkpoint Assessment)

Through this Essential Question, students have explored how different roles and responsibilities help families meet needs and wants. This final lesson may be used as a checkpoint assessment of cumulative learning throughout this Essential Question. Here, students create a comic strip that demonstrates a role or responsibility that helps to meet the needs or wants within their families. The creation of their own comic strip offers an opportunity to describe an idea in writing and support it with drawings.


Helping Out at Home (Digging Deeper)

This lesson builds upon the claim that students constructed in the previous lesson. Students explain why they have an important responsibility by writing sentences to describe each frame of their comic, including the need or want, how they take action to help, and the result of their action.


Families Near and Far

Essential Question

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How can family members care for one another?

Students explore the different responsibilities and roles family members can have, reflecting upon their own unique family roles and responsibilities. They examine how family members can work together to meet each other's needs and wants.